Services We Offer

iVtr offers many services like IT Solutions, Business Services, Education and Research, Digitalization, Social services like free websites for Educational Societies and granted schools and Other Social and Healthcare trusts and organizations.

Our Social Projects

  • Websites for educational societies and Granted School (Free)
    • We are offering free websites for educational societies and schools as development of this educational and social organizations is very necessary for development of society and development and improvement of people in society.
  • Websites for Social Healthcare trusts and Hospitals (Free)
    • We also offer free websites for social healthcare trusts and hospitals so that they can be known to people and can able to help the people. This will help this organization to reach more people and it will lead to development of society.
  • Computer literacy Programs
    • We are providing Computer literacy programs and training so that everyone should be computer literate in today computer world. The main Gaol of this computer literacy program is to make people computer literate and help them to educate themselves. This Programs can be conducted at Our office, some Schools, educational societies or social organizations. This will definitely help people to improve their knowledge and skills about computer.
  • iVtr Placement Services
    • iVtr offers placement services to freshers and experienced candidates in different national and multinational companies. Candidates don't have to pay us any charges after placement.

Online Business Directory

  • Reach to your customers with free listing
  • Share regular updates with customers
  • Communicate and Build business relationships
  • Product Catalogue *
  • Advertise Your Business *
  • Create your business website at minimal cost

Education & Research

  • IT Educational Courses
    • C, C++, Java Programming
    • Web Designing and Development
    • Desktop Application Development
    • C# and ASP .net(MVC)
    • Mobile Application Development (Android, IOS, Windows)
    • Python
    • Angular JS
    • Software Testing
    • Database management Systems
    • Big Data Management, Analysis and Reporting
  • Research level IT Projects
    • We focus on Developing new project ideas and Research on IT projects and Ideas. If you have an idea, then we will help you to implement it. We also provide sponsorships and a platform to work on your ideas with the help of our team and skills.
  • Training and internships
    • We provide Trainings to fresher who willing to do career in IT field and provide them a platform for working on live projects and understand working of companies so that they can improve knowledge and personality development of themselves.

IT Solutions

  • Online and Offline Softwares
  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile application Development (Android, IOS, Windows)
  • Computer Hardware and Networking


  • Digital marketing
    • Developing business online:

      We Provide the services to grow and develop your business providing online services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google analytics, AdWords, AdSense, Email Marketing, etc.

  • Consulting and development of IT infrastructure
    • We help and consult you for development of IT infrastructure of your business such as which software you can use to make your work easier and faster, how you can grow your business with the help of Information Technology.